Urtzi Azkue’s passion for music starts at the age of 14. After years studing by his self decided to get lessons from different guitarrist acquiring different techniques and points of view of the instrument. He also receives jazz and improvisation classes with guitarist Miguel Salvador.


Since then he has participated in projects of different styles such as Noizbait (Imposatutako Ereduak (1998) and -5 (1999), Lar, W.a.b. or AllJazzEra (AllJazzEra 2005).He has also taken part in different projects as a technician and producer.
After several years playing and touring with the band Funk / Soul All Jazz he decide to start his solo career, composing, producing and recording two solo albums,published in digital format.

Urtzi Azkue (2009): Its mostly an instrumental album Smooth Jazz and Funk where he makes use of techniques such as scat singing.
For this work, he gets the collaboration of Barcelonian singer Khaoula Bouchkhi and Basque saxophonist Itziar Castrillo.
In 2011 he publish his second album In This Small Space where he become increasingly interested in the use of the voice, singing in almost all subjects.
From this stage he decide to also develop the vocal aspect by receiving specific classes of vocal technique.
As of 2012, a stage begins with the accompaniment of The Funk Junkers, a band formed by musicians that he meets in different Jam Sessions, with which he plays in different concerts and festivals such as Jazz Zaharrean de Gasteiz.


Around 2015 he decide to add more musicians to the project and it become a band. After that he decide to change the name to FUNKDAMENTAL, more accurate with the new format.
The group has played in different festivals such as the Donostia Stop War or the Las noches de San Jazz in Madrid.